Historical pins / tinnies

In the turbulent period from 1914 – 1946, a great many pins / tinnies were put into circulation in Europe. With these pins / tinnies someone showed his political affiliation, the sale of pins / tinnies raised money for charities or they were used for propaganda purposes. These pins / tinnies show a beautiful image of the time.

What kind of pins / tinnies can you find on these pages.

On this site you will mainly find pins / tinnies rom the period 1914 – 1945 and come from different countries. They are an asset to any collection, but also very suitable for education in schools to make history tangible.

Information about pins / tinnies

If you have any questions about the pins / tinnies please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer your questions as best we can. You can also contact us for searches. If we find these pins / tinnies we will contact you immediately. Do you have pins / tinnies from this period yourself or have you come across pins / tinnies from this period during a house clearance and you do not do anything with them yourself, you can always contact us via the contact form.