Winterhulp and Winterhilfswerk

The Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (WHW) was from 1933 an institution under public law in Germany, which collected money through the sale of Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk items to support the poor fellow citizens. In addition to the social aspect, it was also a propaganda tool to emphasize German unity. This assistance was partly provided through the subsidiary organization Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (NSV).
In the years of the occupation, Winterhulp series were also published in the occupied countries. In Germany, in addition to the so-called ReichsstraBensammlung, each GAU published its own Winterhilfswerk series. Estimates vary but there are about 8000 different Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk items, ranging from porcelain butterflies to booklets of German Knight’s Cross bearers and from plastic battleships to glass images of famous German structures.

Incidentally, it was not only the political party that published these series, but also the German Red Cross, for example, published its own series Winterhilfswerk. There were also series that were published for a specific purpose. An example of this are the collection campaigns for the benefit of German youth hostels. Some Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk series are very rare and expensive. Especially Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk series from the GAUs that briefly belonged to the German Reich.

What kind of Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk can be found on these pages.

On this site you will mainly find Dutch and German Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk. They are an asset to any collection, but also very suitable for education in schools to make history tangible. New Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk items will be added to the site regularly. All Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk items come from house clearances or collectors from all over Europe.

Information about Winterhulp / Winterhilfswerk

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